Wednesday, July 27, 2005


27 July 2005

Welcome to my blogsite.

We live in a complex, interactive, increasingly borderless world in which all of us are required to become knowledgeable about matters which impinge on our lives in which we have no particular expertise, but to which we must respond.

Though I have no particular formal preparation to do so, I have found it necessary to address a diverse range of concerns, some of which are particular to my circumstances, and some of which are essentially universal.

While I am certain that my interests and concerns will evolve and shift, my beginning posts will address the issues which, from my present perspective, appear to be of greatest significance.
Therefore, the primary purpose of this site will be to share some of my highly personal views about the larger events that are shaping our outer and inner worlds as humans.

My intention is to economize on concepts and ideas, putting forward only those that I consider to be of the highest quality.

I may share ideas from others as well, when appropriate.

Some of the diverse topics that will be considered here include:

1. Personal financial management (as I am now planning to reduce my hours of work and enter "semi-retirement"). This leads to #2:

2. Semi-retirement: Figuring out what this means, what I want it to be, and how to do it. These first two items then lead to #3:

3. Understanding the interconnected and globalized world economy, including the complex factors which are driving blindingly rapid processes of change in every corner of our world.

4. The development of "inner skills" in order to create a happy and pleasing accommodation to the most inescapable of all realities - the inner psychological world that each of us inhabits 24 hours per day.

5. Issues of international and intertribal cooperation and conflict, specifically including but not limited to the emerging "hot button" issues of national, ethnic and tribal sovereignty and globalized terrorism, as these are ageless human concerns which impinge on both our inner and outer worlds.

6. Recognition of the people who are of particular significance to me through their generosity and/or capacity to function as role models in my life. This begins with, but will not stop with, the recognition of my parents.

7. A range of additional topics which may capture my passing or enduring interest! I was asked recently to say something about social justice, so I have added that topic to the site. I cannot presently predict with certainty what other topics may eventually be addressed here.

Disclaimer: I wish to re-emphasize that this is a personal site devoted to my personal thoughts, concerns and viewpoints. No other purpose is stated or implied.

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