Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Kenora March Palette

9 March 2008

Earlier this winter, a couple who live a few miles away cleared a snowmobile trail through the bush near our home. They use it very rarely, so it is not always firmly packed. However, Susan has been running her dog team along the trail so that I can go running there.

This trail runs the ridge above our little corner of Middle Lake, northwest of Kenora, Ontario. It has been an absolutely beautiful run all winter long, and now, with the recent heavier snow accumulation, its appeal has become dramatic.

This is a very challenging run, as the deep snow requires lifting my legs high, and then swinging them forward to plunge into the snow a pace ahead. Also, the variable and slightly sliding surface creates quite an ankle workout. My heart rate averages 135 beats per minute without even trying, and with a little extra effort, I can easily extend my heart rate into the 140s and 150s.

So it is an exceptionally fine workout amidst some of the most dramatically beautiful surroundings that nature can offer.

On days such as today, my mind begins to drift to the question of how we could introduce these colours into our home, so as to reflect more directly what is all around us, particularly at this very beautiful season of the year.

Of course there is the white snow as a backdrop. And the snow reflects the blue of the sky, as well as catching the rose-pink and golden tones of the evening sun. In the foreground are the off-whites and beiges of the birch and poplar trees, and everywhere in the background are the red-brown tones of tree bark and leafless branches. In the mid-ground, if you will, the subtle and unobtrusive brown-green and sage-green tones of fir, spruce and pine needles predominate. To the attentive eye, glints of silver can be spotted on tree bark and branches. It is a muted but rich and understated palette.

These are assuredly the colours that I want to keep around me in our home.

Join with Susan and me in appreciating the subtle hues of the Kenora March palette.

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  1. I always look at the colours of autumn and think I should knit them into a sweater or a comforter or something. I know what you mean.

  2. Yes, I'm expecting Susan to start knitting right away.

    We haven't yet selected curtains, and this will be an opportunity to capture some of this palette and bring it indoors with us!

    The new tile on our floors perfectly reflects the tones of the birch and poplar.