Monday, May 12, 2008

The Kenora Palette in May

12 May 2008

I tend to become discontented with Kenora, my home community of the past 16 years, due to its long and severe winters and its correspondingly brief and sometimes chilly summers. Therefore, I have assigned myself the task of noticing what is beautiful about where I live.

This has proven a very powerful experiment, as for the first time following our month's visit to Southern California in April, I actually looked forward to coming home. This delightful anticipation was not shaken despite being snowed-in in Winnipeg upon arrival due to a severe spring blizzard's having overwhelmed the TransCanada Highway, resulting in its closure for 24 hours.

There are no alternative roads to Kenora, so we relaxed in Winnipeg for an extra day, and enjoyed Martin Scorsese's excellent Rolling Stones documentary at Imax: Shine a Light. Scorsese was so adept in capturing the subtleties of the performance that I think I would choose watching this on Imax over being there live. Yes, it was that well done by Scorsese, and the Imax effect was awe-inspiring, as always!

Well, it is now my wish to shine a light on Kenora's stark and still subtle May palette. In contrast to my March 2008 post (The Kenora March Palette), please note that the present snapshots include brighter greens against a still somber background, signalling the incipient arrival of Spring.

Spring always comes almost instantly here, then to be followed by summer, sometimes only two weeks later!

I'll also include an image of Susan bouldering, as this was her activity of the day on May 11, 2008.

Be sure to click on the images for larger versions!

Notice how the uncluttered expanse of blue sky gives richness to the understated tones of the Canadian Shield: granite rock, boreal forest and damp meadow.

It remains my plan to figure out how we can bring every one of these colours into our home, so that we are living with them year-round both indoors and out.

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