Monday, April 11, 2011

Fuel: By Josh Tickell

11 April 2011

I just watched the film "Fuel," on DVD, by my fellow New College of Florida alum, Josh Tickell.

This is basically the story of Josh's life's work. He has had an interesting life, and tells his story well. He happens to be a gifted environmental activist, plus a talented film maker.....

Josh majored in sustainable living at New College of Florida (yes, you can do that - that is, you are allowed to invent your own major, and this is what Josh did).

Basically, this film is about biodiesel. Biodiesel is not good. Biodiesel is revolutionary.

Biodiesel is NOT corn-based ethanol. It is not food-to-fuel. It returns the energy input 3:1 or better. It is safe and even edible. It pollutes less than so-called fossil-based diesel fuel. There are many ways to produce it, and more and better ways of doing it are being found all the time.

As an aside, the US can produce all the biodiesel it needs, and never has to import oil from anyplace again, if it chooses this path.

As Josh says, "War is not required."

Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Richard Branson are among biodiesel's better-known advocates.

Oh, and this film isn't only about biodiesel. It is also about how to live, how to conserve energy, the history of our present fossil fuel-based energy system, other ways to produce energy besides fossil fuels, the life story of Rudolph Diesel, a lot of Josh's own life story, interviews with scientists and business people, finance, educational graphics, statistical analysis, etc., etc. I hope you're getting the idea. My impression is that there are investible ideas here too, and why not?

Anyway, (1) you have to watch this to learn more, (2) you need to figure out how to get biodiesel and related sustainable technologies into your home, your life and your communities, and (3) you need to tell other people about this.

Again, this has nothing to do with corn-based ethanol, which is not a particularly good idea at all, at least, not much better than fossil fuels. This is entirely different. You can make this stuff from trees that grow to maturity in 3 years, from algae (thank Jimmy Carter for getting this started), from sewage sludge, etc., etc.

Again, the US does not need to import oil. Neither does any other country that wants to do this. This is good, very good.


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  1. Sounds wonderful, even if some too-good-to-be true alarm bells go off. I'm hoping a look at the DVD will allay them.