Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Marcel Proust Lifestyle

25 March 2007

OK. I have little in common with
Marcel Proust.

I am a workaholic. He hardly worked.

I am a fitness buff. He laid in bed, sneezed at every draft, and never went out without a fur coat and scarf.

When Proust spent an evening with James Joyce, he had nothing to say or to enquire of Joyce. I would have plied Joyce with dozens of questions, had I the opportunity to do so.

Why then is Marcel Proust my role-model at the present time?

I suspect it is the differences which intrigue me.

Perhaps I have been working too hard. I would be interested in savouring some of the leisure that was available to Proust.

I have no time for idle chit-chat in my life. Proust was perhaps one of the greatest conversationalists who ever lived.

Everything I do is rushed, hurried and harried. Proust had time to consider every word. He re-read and re-wrote the million and a quarter words constituting his epic work, In Search of Lost Time, on an ongoing basis.

I find it easy to talk about work and task-related matters. Mere conversation is more difficult. What is there to say if there is no defined objective? What do people talk about anyway? This is a difficult matter for me.

Marcel Proust knew what to talk about with people during moments of leisure, and he had no end of such moments available to him.

Proust was adored by his friends, both male and female, who described him as generous and fascinating – and always original (Proust deplored clichés in all contexts).

It is time for me to refocus my life – away from the accomplishment of tasks – and towards the enjoyment of leisure, conversation and relationship.

I recognize that my friends may be skeptical, as I have made such pronouncements before. However, my life circumstances are gradually changing, and it will soon be unnecessary for me to work this hard to pay the bills. Therefore, what better use of my time than to explore the world of leisure, conversation and relationships?

There are also books I desire to read, including those of M. Proust.

I am in search of lost time in my own life.

Marcel Proust is the forebear to whom I now look as a guide.

I go forward in the hope that Proust can change my life. (See
Alain de Botton’s more recent work of similar title.)


  1. I eagerly await your rebirth as a Proustian wanna be.

    Don't lay around in bed though, I have tons of adventures that you can fill your leisure time with.

  2. I will fantasize about that during my lengthy periods of leisure.

  3. so proust "hardly worked"
    And 6 wonderful volumes came out of thin air, I suppose.

    Do some research . He worked harder than you ever will.