Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visiting Bill Bothwell

12 April 2007

Bill Bothwell is a good old friend from Springfield, Missouri - now in Los Angeles. Over lunch at the Argyle Restaurant at Aviara in Carlsbad, California, we updated the last 35 years of our lives and learned of Shambhala Tibetan Buddhism. In his view, it is essential to be mentally and spiritually awake in order to address the inescapable challenges of our troubled materialistic age. In my view, it was good to spend three hours together. (Marcel Proust would have enjoyed this discussion.)


  1. Isn't it wonderful catching up with old friends?!?!?

  2. Many connections here, as Bill's mother was one of my mother's truest and most constant - and accepting - friends. Back in the days when family socialization was important, we often visited with Bill's family, and his family with ours.

  3. Bill is the most intellectually intense person I have ever known.

    1. Lawrence forwarded this to me. I suppose I've been a little too much now and then but I hope that will inspire you to buy my next CD!

  4. Having known Bill and all of his family members since childhood, I will only chip in to generalize that statement to his family members as well. What a brilliant, inspiring family they are as a whole!