Monday, March 03, 2008

First High End Fractional Ownership Property Enters the Resale Market

3 March 2008

The first topline luxury fractional ownership property from the building boom of the first half of this decade has now reached the resale market.

SmartChoice Timeshare Realty has entered its first listing for the second-generation shared-condominium style fractional ownership units now being offered by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

And the listing is a prize - a 4-week per year shared interest in the four-bedroom, 4300-square foot penthouse villa at Four Seasons Residence Club, Punta Mita, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta).

Such offerings at the very highest end of the market are obviously not for everyone, but the implications are worth taking note of.

More such listings are likely to emerge as the years wear on, and this reinforces the principle that the resale market will in many cases be the best place to make your purchase.

If you're interested, we have completed three purchases (and a resale) through SmartChoice, and their service is the best available.

I have addressed the broad topic of fractional ownership in a 2005 post. Click here for more information.

Note (10 August 2008): Either the same or a similar property is now listed on Click here for information about the listing of thie 4 bedroom - 4 bathroom penthouse property in Punta Mita.

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