Friday, August 14, 2009

Deja Vu: Depression Era Cartoons

14 August 2009

This is too valuable not to share. The "Bearish News Blog" has published a set of depression era political cartoons that patently reflect the issues of our own era along with those of the 1930s.

Why do events turn in this direction once in a lifetime? Because few alive today remember the last time that things were more or less the same.... We now face similar problems with similar causes and similarly misdirected government interventions as did our predecessors during the 1930s.

For more, visit the Bearish News Blog, now added to my blog list!

And what is my answer to the economic dilemmas of our age?

In short, don't bail out the reckless with the savings and tax dollars of the prudent.

Is that clear enough for you?

And if times get tougher for a while? Tough it out. Intervention makes it worse. Allow the financially responsible to set our future economic direction. The hard times will pass. It will get better if we do less rescuing of the reckless, and simply get out of the way of the cautious, the prudent and the planful.

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