Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gold Charts from 1980 to the Present – and Everything Else

3 February 2008, updated 29 July 2008

I have learned from Sitemeter that many visitors to my site are looking for specific financial charts - most commonly, gold price charts from 1980 through the present.

For those searching out such information, let me recommend the gold standard of charting services, if you will,

Many charts are free, and you can create more detailed and larger charts of your own design by joining and paying a reasonable annual membership fee. doesn't do everything. For example, inflation-adjusted charts are not available. But Financial Sense Online has much of this information. In particular, look for the work of John Williams on this site. Mr. Williams also operates his own site (Shadow Government Statistics), where you will find alternative analyses for economic data of all kinds.

For gold, silver and precious metals charts in particular, is clearly the definitive place to go.

For hard commodities, you won't go wrong with Mineweb, as this Uranium chart page illustrates.

For current futures price quotations, including currencies, metals, energy products and the agricultural commodities, be sure to visit

By the way, an old favourite "everything at a glance" site for energy price trends is WTRG Economics.

If you are looking for innovative analytical charts (as illustrated above), then be sure to visit Adam Hamilton's site, at Zeal Speculation and Investment.

And, last but not least, don't miss Michael Hodges' "America's Total Debt Report" for one-of-a-kind charts on the incredibly indebted condition of the United States relative to virtually all of the world's other leading nations.

Happy charting!


  1. Now gold peaked at 1911 ish and is beginning another historic collapse. Once you go vertical-and then stop climbing, its free-fall time-don't let talk fool you. The biggest losers are the last ones to buy in.

  2. Sorry, but "$1911" will be just another blip on the chart within a couple of years. When and if the gold price collapses, it will be because fundamental conditions have changed, specifically, the international climate of competitive currency devaluation and massive debt accumulation will have played itself out. It will be a least a decade before that scenario begins to emerge, though of course all things change, an eternal rule. Nothing lasts forever, not even foolishness!