Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You Richard in Bellingham

21 February 2008

Richard in Bellingham is a full-time investor. He authors a blog entitled "The Resourceful Bear Blog."

His bearish take on the broad markets, and his affinity for gold, are similar to my own perspective.

Richard collects and compiles several articles and links per day to illuminate the machinations of the bubble economy that we presently inhabit. He adds his own comments to spice things up.

He was sufficiently gracious to cite my article yesterday (
Saville's Thesis Accords with Hunt's Thesis - Serendipitously) on my probably more than transient alliance with Steve Saville over the influence of inflation on precious metal markets.

As Richard was kind enough to refer to my work, I shall cite his

Visit the Resourceful Bear Blog here.


  1. Glad to see you are starting to get with the program, pictures from the arctic.

    There appears to be reason for hope.

  2. As a Canadian Bearish investor, I definitely felt that the polar bear was the only animal that could correctly symbolize my views. If it means going further north to get a good look at them, well then, let's go do it!