Sunday, July 08, 2007

Interesting Firefly Events Ending 2007

8 July 2007

For the Browncoats among us - who of course are known to be a secretive group - there are some interesting events scheduled for later 2007.

Serenity LA is operated by a British-based convention company featuring several cast members over a 3-day period on November 2-4, 2007 at the prestigious Element Nightclub in Hollywood. This will provide an opportunity to meet Shepherd Book, Inara, Jayne and Kaylee, among others.

Shepherd Book and the consumately evil Adelai Niska will also be available for a Browncoat Cruise on the Carnival Elation from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas on December 1-6, 2007.

Click on the links (above) for more information.

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