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12 August 2007

Joss Whedon, producer of the acclaimed science fiction television series "Firefly," and of the related theatrical release "Serenity,"
commented on August 3, 2007 that strong sales for the soon-to-be-released Serenity Collector's Edition DVD could possibly spark a sequel to a very well-received movie.

The new edition is scheduled for release on August 21, 2007. This recent remark is a new tack for Mr. Whedon, who has discouraged previous talk of a Serenity sequel, though he has long acknowledged that Firefly/Serentiy is his favourite project.

Mr. Whedon does not indicate any communication on the matter with Universal Studios, but he argues that the original project is now in the black, and that a successful Collector's Edition launch would cement Serentiy the movie as a successful commercial venture. Under these conditions, Mr. Whedon felt that the studio could possibly rethink a sequel.

He also indicated that the Collector's Edition DVD includes truly new special features, including an all-new commentary, as well as an expanded "making of" featurette and the well-received River Tam sessions, produced for the internet in advance of the movie.

I will add that a sequel to the movie is more hopeful than a sequel to the television series, given Mr. Whedon's positive relationship with Universal Studios, versus his more difficult relationship with Fox Network, the producers of Firefly.

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