Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Topics I May Never Post

10 April 2008

Attributable perhaps to enjoying my present four weeks' vacation, my head has been swimming with topics I want to post on my blog.

I may not get a chance to commit all of these subjects to electronic signals (virtual script, as it were).

Therefore, just in case these ideas never see the digital light of day, here are some tentative headings....

(1) "Lane Bike." A discussion of the favourable Southern California bicycling environment.

(2) "Battlestar Galactica: An Analogical Essay on the Theme of Tolstoy's War and Peace." In my view, Edward James Olmos could be nominated either for the Emmy Award or the Nobel Peace Prize - or both simultaneously. And he enjoys a supporting cast worthy of Tolstoy's magnum opus. This is rare classic science fiction, explaining why yet another great program is unwinding this year.

(3) "What Do You Love - Part 2." I've been planning to revisit this topic for months. The secret key is "stories."

(4) "Inner Skills." Addressing our inner realities and promoting change by solving emotions rather than solving problems.

(5) "Burnout, Exhaustion, Euphoria." A study of my particular style of vacationing. Not recommended for others, but it's what I do. A follow-up to an earlier post.

(6) "The People Who Have Shaped My Life." A planned set of ongoing essays about some remarkable people and my good fortune in having had contact with them. Names include Ralph E. Hunt, my father; Genevieve Likins Hunt, my mother; Barbara Rosen, who has recently passed on; Jean Hilton, my "other mother": David Weiser, my childhood role model; Helen & Scott Nearing, role models at a distance; Jon Culbertson, biology teacher and gymnastics/fitness instructor and guide (photo below); and many, many more. This project is likely going to take some time.

Bear with me. I'll write more when I have some time and my motivation is suitable.

In the interim, peace be with you.


  1. i would like to read more of "the people who have shaped my life" ... sounds interesting time to start writting

  2. Funny a few weeks back I was mentally composing a post about almost the same idea - Special Old People From Your Childhood...

    Mrs. Mable Hill in my case.

    I will post it one day.

  3. I'm leaning towards more on the "What Do You Love" topic.