Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Returning the Favour

29 July 2008, a new online and print magazine first issued in February 2008, and published quarterly, has been courteous enough to link my blog in an article on gold mining blogs in their current gold mining issue.

I will therefore return the favour.

This is a great resource for all kinds of information about mining, sponsored by the well-known site,

Read the current issue
here (in very sophisticated flash or adobe pdf formats).

The issue summary is

Note (15 August 2008): David Shvartsman of Finance Trends Matter has been kind enough to link my article on "Rising Profits in FASB Wonderland... or Wimpy's Rule" on his blog. Mr. Shvartsman is running a really great blog, so be sure to visit his site too (linked also in my blog summary on the right).


  1. That's very cool that they would link to your blog. There's too much drivel in mine to get that kind of recognition. :-)

  2. I was certainly pleasantly surprised!