Thursday, November 20, 2008

Upcoming Blog Topics

10 November 2008, updated 20 November 2008


I've been too busy to blog. I'm getting ready for a seven-week working holiday, and have had no free time at all. We start out on the road to Scottsdale in the near future, and I'll be blogging again once I settle in.

Topics that are at least mentally in the works include:

(1) The market is a blind, charging beast.

Along with fellow precious metal investors, I saw the recent market collapse coming years ago. I invested in precious metal mining and exploration stocks because they are NOT correlated with the general market. Here's what I didn't allow for... the precious metal miners have performed worse than the broad market, and the precious metal exploration companies have fared far worse - they are trading as though they are going out of business! I was right that my investments wouldn't be correlated, but it was not in the direction I expected. Are precious metal miners and explorers therefore the wrong place to be? I don't think so, though so far, the market obviously doesn't agree with me. As it happens, I also don't agree with the market. More later.... perhaps much more!

(2) The US election - Mr. Obama catches a sack of hot potatoes.

President-elect Obama has a hard job. He also has a bad economic plan (attack the rich to aid the poor - it doesn't work), though 20 advisers are apparently guiding his actions. Hopefully they're smart, because George Bush's job looks easy compared to the debt-laced lemonade that the spendthrift Republican administration is handing over to Mr. Obama! Personally, I have had all I can take of the Republicans' paranoid, "interest-based" international politics, as well as of their intrusions into their citizens' private lives, both of which have grown totally out of hand. So, I'm holding my nose and wishing Mr. Obama well. He'll need all the good wishes he can get, but at least he is acknowledging the complexity and diversity of human nature, and of the US melting pot of the 21st century.

(3) What do you love?

The answer, for me... is stories, and art as the context of the story, if you will. I raised this topic on September 12, 2007, and I now plan to get back to it!

(4) Ephemeralization... How to do more with less in the 21st century.

Hats off to Buckminster Fuller. The challenge of our age is obviously about how to do more with less. Let's get a little more serious about that!

(5) Healthy living.

What are the core constituents of a healthy lifestyle? My latest thoughts, with an acknowledgement to Chris Crowley, Henry Lodge and Ray Kurzweil.

(6) Ghomeshi - moving beyond Gzowski to take us into the 21st century.

Jian Ghomeshi, presently of CBC Radio Q (now playing in the mornings at 10:00 a.m.), has taken on the mantle of Peter Gzowski, and worn it well. He is Canada's foremost radio personality, and well-equipped to lead the broadcaster into the new millennium. A tribute to the genius of Ghomeshi.

For now, I'll just be posting concepts for future entries.

I'll have time to post the full content at some point after arriving in Arizona next week!

November 20, 2008:

Here are two more topics coming up....

(7) "Thirty Reasons for Great Depression Two by 2011." Here I am referring to Paul Farrell's can't miss editorial on Marketwatch. Click the link until I can say more about this!

(8) We Are All Millionaires - A Parable. Here I want to reflect on the fact that every one of us is rich beyond words in unimaginable gifts. I also intend to argue that almost every one of us has an area of intellectual specialization that endows us with unique genius. More coming on this topic for sure!


  1. I'll be watching for it.

    Will you be working or really, really on vacation?

  2. More on vacation than before. I worked really hard before leaving, so have less to catch up on this time!

  3. That the spirit!! Glad to hear it.

    Hey .. a mini-poem! LOL

  4. Wendy,

    Well, I'm on vacation now, and my reports backlog is at its lowest level in uncounted years. However, two weeks of holidays and 15 reports still to go. They will all get written, which has not yet happened this decade. So things are getting better.

    Looks like I'm not going to do that much blogging on this particular holiday, though.

    Next holiday starts March 21, 2009 (5 weeks), and I hope the backlog stays under control, permitting more free time for that holiday....