Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me and My Money Interview

15 August 2009

Courtesy of Tony Martin, the Globe & Mail has now published my interview in the "Me and My Money" column .

To be honest, it's a pretty brief overview of my perspective on the markets, but Mr. Martin did a fine job of capturing the main ideas.

So for a quick introduction to my views - and positions - in the investment world, click here.

(This all started with my conversation with Larry McDonald of the Globe & Mail in May 2009.)


  1. To start excellent picture. you look good!

    i think they article was very nicely done, i dont really follow or understand stocks but i liked the article and i am pretty sure i understood it..


  2. I like the picture too.

    I'm going to read the article now.

  3. I posted a comment before 6 this morning and I guess google was still sleeping so here we go again. What is tk?

  4. I think "tk" in the article is a reference to the "ticker" or stock price. Obviously the link is not working.