Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buy Goldcorp Now

27 February 2011

Here is perhaps the most important chart for Goldcorp:

Goldcorp has been declining against gold since May 2006 (see chart).

Goldcorp has just released a blow-out report. It is now performing better than ever, with increased production, increased reserves, new mines opening, an increased dividend, ballooning profits, etc.

I submit that the reversal of this almost 5-year downtrend (the ratio of Goldcorp's price to the price of gold) may have started in January 2011. If this is the case, Goldcorp's upside (from a ratio low of .0293 in January 2011) could be a recapture of the .05 level - even higher.

Let's say that gold is at $2000 by the time Goldcorp retakes the .05 ratio. This would put Goldcorp's share price at $100 (from today's $46.00).

Now I'm speculating. If we see $2000 gold in 2012, that means that Goldcorp could gain 100-150% by some time next year.

Short-term moves are hard to predict. but my intermediate target for Goldcorp is now $100.

Buy Goldcorp.

1 March 2011: FYI, the Gold Stock Analyst has just raised his long-term target for Goldcorp, based on the recent news. I recommend that you subscribe. Click here!

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