Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Question to Mr. Ignatieff

31 March 2011

On Sunday, April 3, at 11:00 am EST, The Liberal Party of Canada will host a special live town hall meeting that will be streamed online at During the event, Michael Ignatieff will unveil the Liberal Platform and answer questions from Canadians.

The Liberal Party is inviting Canadians to pose questions to Mr. Ignatieff.

I have responded by submitting my question. Honestly, I don't think my question is very easy, but here it is:

"Mr. Ignatieff,

"I regard our present time as the era of investor exploitation. Mr. Harper's dismantling of the income trust program selectively harmed small Canadian investors and sold off Canadian assets to international bidders. Low interest rates punish savers and motivate investors to take excessive risks or to misdirect investments. The broad markets have been flat for a decade. In the western world, only the Australians have a different (high interest rate) policy. Capital investment (saving) is at the heart of economic growth. Do you favour restoring the income trusts, raising interest rates, and undertaking other policies to benefit savers and to restrain high-risk (speculative) activity?"

Well, I'm hoping for an answer.....

I'll keep you posted.

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