Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Investor Words

26 February 2008

Yen Carry Trade: (Def) A specific example of a currency carry trade, where an investor will exchange a specific amount of Japanese Yen for another currency with a higher interest rate, and then will invest the new currency in hopes of earning more interest than could have been earned with the yen.

Have you ever been dumbfounded by the plethora of terminology that accompanies our ever more innovative (and ever more distorted) global financial marketplace?

Are you just looking for a way to preserve and grow your savings for retirement without being punished for engaging in the activity of saving by the artificially-low trendsetting interest rate policies of the international central banks?

In that case, you need Investorwords.com!

This site will sort the meaning from the jargon, and guide you well in interpreting the ever-more confusing language of the increasingly leveraged, manipulated and dangerous international markets.

And, if the language still confuses you (not to mention the concepts!), just buy and hold gold or silver. You will always be OK if your investment time frame is two years or greater.


  1. Hello,
    Stock market is a volatile market. Investors are afraid of entering Indian stock market due to such volatile conditions. FII are the one who are selling
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    traders are confused like which stock they should select that is stock selection is the major issue now.

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