Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Bailout Game

17 January 2009

OK. Here's one for you to try.

Play the Bailout Game. (Hint: It's rigged - you will be destroyed if you don't bail out the irresponsible, the dishonest, the greedy and the reckless. Sound like the real world?)

Click here to play:

Or click here to play:

Enjoy the disaster!


  1. OMG ... don't get me started ... the Bank of America already got a bail out and now they're back begging for more.

    Give a man a fish .....

  2. As stated in my previous post, this is a massive, now international, deflating Ponzi scheme. It's going to take a while to unwind, and the big "money centre" banks in the US are sitting on top of the collapsing pile. Technically, a lot of the crisis was provoked by allowing Lehman Bros to fail (not saying that they shouldn't have been allowed to fail, by the way). But when Lehman's contracts were voided by bankruptcy, that cascaded through the system. But Bank of America bought Countrywide, one of the key Ponzi players, so that was a guaranteed disaster. Merrill (also bought by BAC) was more peripheral, but they were trading in the financial detritus on an active basis, so no surprise that Merrill's balance sheet keeps exploding also!

  3. I played the bailout game for awhile but got bored.

  4. Hey Cheryl, I refused to bail anybody out and everything blew up and zombies took over the world. Maybe you just don't know how to have fun! LOL.