Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zakynthos: Yeltzin's View

24 January 2009

Most of the time I illustrate my blog posts with the simple help of Google Images.

By chance today, I came upon the work of a professional photographer named Yeltzin.

Here is his take on the Greek Ionian Island of Zakynthos.

You might want to check out Mr. Yeltzin's work.

And... you might want to check out Zakynthos - I know I do!

Oh... and this photo is for Hilary and Rob:



  1. What an incredibly lousy speller .. or typer! LOL

  2. he almost looks like our guys ..... those are some beautiful pics ...

  3. Think iguanodon and komodo dragon next!

  4. Hi,

    I just got here following some incoming links. Thank you for everything, it's really nice to see other people appreciating your work ;) I'm glad you like these photos. Be sure to check out the sets from India and Thailand!


  5. OK - India & Thailand next! These were very popular.....

  6. Hey!
    I loved these pics! Especially the framing and texture...As a novice photographer I too explored the beautiful island of Zakynthos last summer. You can check some of my pics on flickr:
    or on my website

    If you haven't been in the Jewel of the East you certainly must! I have been going there for the last 12 years! No...I won't reveal my age....but boy I do love this island! Oh I can't wait for the summer...Best wishes to yall!