Friday, September 25, 2009

$1000 Gold: Our Ceiling, Asia's Floor

25 September 2009

Sometimes you just have to call it as it is.

The West is passing the flame of progress to Asia at this time in history. For reasons too numerous to detail in a short note, we in the West have become bound up in a tangle of bureaucratic baggage, internecine contest, small mindedness, second thought, political correctness, self neglect and financial manipulation.

Asia is simply moving ahead.

This is nowhere more evident than in the views of our respective cultures towards the price of gold.

To our minds, $1000 gold is toppy, risky, uncertain, overbought, and exhausted.

4 billion Asian savers, $1000 gold is simply another step along the way towards a brighter and better future - a small price to pay for financial security and nights of soothing and untroubled sleep.

Believe me, gold at $1000 today - or even less - is going to look like the last bargain of the decade in the very near future.

$1000 gold.

Think Asian. Stand on this floor for a better and more secure financial future.


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