Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seeking Alpha: My Comments

13 September 2009

Recently, I've begun to read "Seeking Alpha" for more timely coverage of news and opinion regarding the broad markets.

This site's strength seems to be in its ability to bring together in a single forum individuals with very diverse viewpoints on the investment markets. There are enough timely articles and sufficient intelligent commentary there to keep me interested. Therefore, I have been adding my comments as well.

If you'd like to keep up with some of my ongoing thoughts on market developments, click here.

And if you enjoy Seeking Alpha, you might wish to sign on yourself, as it's quite a simple and painless process.


P.S. If you're wondering why I haven't had much to say (in detail) about the gold market recently - well, I think I've said all that I have to say. This is a bull market, and it's going up in the intermediate and the long term. October 2008 was rough, and the crash in precious metal miners and explorers was unexpected on my part. But I'm glad to be positioned where I am, long gold and silver explorers and miners, right here, right now.

Buying and holding has worked even in the ugliest downturn in this market in 3 decades!

If you'd like more detail, look at Adam Hamilton's recent piece on the gold miners. He is using the same words that I am: "Gold Stocks Still Cheap."

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