Monday, August 22, 2011

Time for a New Direction in Gold Mining Stocks!

22 August 2011

This seems so obvious it doesn't require saying. However, I'm saying it.

Gold is doing well because the folks who manage our economy are not doing their jobs well. I have commented on why that is the case in many previous posts and won't repeat it here.

Look at gold - doing fine:

Now, take a look at Canadian gold mining stocks compared to gold on this ratio chart.

Does anything strike you as unusual?

Hey, these companies mine and sell gold. Gold is going up. The stocks should go up too, and faster than the increase in the price of gold.

Why? Because production costs are rising more slowly than the price of gold, and gold miners' profit margins are therefore rising faster than the market price of the product they sell.

This trend has continued for ten years, but has not been reflected in the share prices of the gold miners.

Therefore, in my opinion...

It's time for a new direction in gold mining stocks!

We've come to a fork in the road....

If I'm right, gold stocks can double from here like falling off a log.

In fact, as this relative downtrend in the gold miners has progressed, I've actually been raising my targets.


I think we are seeing tension analogous to a spring under pressure. With release of the downward force (the broad markets have not believed in the 10-year gold trend), the prices of the miners should spring upward with ever more force.

Watch out above....

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